domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

pintura 2010/expo MAC

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  1. Cara Luisa Nogueira,
    I feel something when I look at your pictures, is like an special lightfull deep atmosphere created in me (even through the screen). This for me is the feeling of a transcendent bubble which I name poetry, which makes you dive into the colors. I am planing to travel to Portugal to find answers and perspectives to the topic and word of poetry, what (besides the written words) is really meant by it, what is associated with it, which moments are poetic, who can create poetry and what is the value of it in our society. So I am full of questions and therefore really grateful to have discovered your stunning artwork. It would be so great to meet you in Portugal, to get to know your perspectives to it, since in my perspective you are a poet of colors. I really mean this in a honest way and feel that to comment on your blog isn´t the right way to contact you (did´t found your address or FB contact), but anyway I would be really grateful for your response and to get in touch with you. Obrigada muito, Frieda